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Welcome to the Stewart Piano Studio of Montevallo, AL! Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to learn piano for yourself or your child? Erika Stewart has played the piano for 34 years and has been a piano teacher for 6 years.

She currently services the greater Birmingham area, including Calera, AL, Pelham, AL, Alabaster, AL, Hoover, AL and Montevallo, AL. Come and discover the benefits of piano lessons!

1. Piano Lessons are Local – Stewart Piano Studio is a home studio conveniently located in Montevallo, AL. It’s an easy drive from the major cities surrounding Montevallo, including Alabaster, AL.

From Hwy 65, the studio is located 7 minutes off the Shelby County Airport Exit. From Hwy 119 in Alabaster, the studio is located 2 minutes off the main road, just 2 miles past Veterans Park.

2. Piano Lessons for Children and Adult – Erika teaches piano lessons in Montevallo, AL for children ages 5 through adult. Exceptions will be made for 4 year olds if they demonstrate a readiness and eagerness for learning. Erika loves teaching young children through innovative ideas, including theory games and musical stories to help aid quick and responsive learning. Oftentimes, a child can learn all the notes of the piano in one lesson based on one easy teaching technique! Adults can also benefit from piano lessons at any age. Many times adults have told me they wished they had learned piano as a child but it is never too late to start!

3. Piano Lessons are Educational – Research has shown piano lessons to have a great positive effect on cognitive learning. A study taken from McGill University in Montreal, Canada has shown that students who took piano lessons for 3 years scored significantly higher than their peers on tests. Students have also experienced better spatial cognition and skill in math and engineering. Researchers and Neuroscientists have discovered that the way the brain produces neural firing patterns (how information is distributed to and from different parts of the brain) is strangely similar to how music itself is structured. Quite remarkable!

4. Piano Lessons are Personally Fulfilling – Adults often enjoy taking piano lessons for the purpose of playing for relaxation and pleasure. Erika had the opportunity to teach an adult student who was a neurosurgeon. She was so thrilled to come each week to piano lessons and loved learning how to play. Piano lessons were the one thing she did for herself and enabled her to cope with stressful work situations. Since playing the piano is oftentimes relaxing, it can reduce stress and create a relaxed mood. Research from a Michigan State University study has shown that playing the piano can significantly reduce anxiety, loneliness and depression.

5. Piano Lesson for Free! – Erika offers one free trial lesson for any prospective student. There is no obligation to continue but you will benefit from 30 minutes of piano education in Montevallo, AL. This is a perfect way for you or your child to experience a piano lesson and also observe Erika’s piano teaching style.